Exhibition devoted to saviors of Jews opens in Moscow

The history of the Holocaust is full of examples of remarkable courage, self-sacrifice, and humanism

A large multimedia display named “the Saviors” opened at the Moscow Manege Central Exhibition Hall on June 24, 2020, marking the 75 years of the Victory Day. 

The Righteous Among the Nations is an honorable title with which Yad Vashem awards to people of various nationalities who, at the risk of their lives, gave shelter to Jews on the occupied territories. The Saviors is a project that tells the story of more than 250 Russian Righteous Among the Nations, including those still living. The exhibition was prepared by the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC), with support from the Moscow government, FORES limited liability company, and the Holocaust Center.

“This exhibition is all about the remarkable examples of courage, self-sacrifice, and humanism that the story of the Holocaust sheds light on. For us, it is of particular importance that such subject as the Holocaust, both its heroic and tragic side, would raise interest and importance in the eyes of the younger generation. The future depends on what conclusions shall be drawn from the past by our children,” Yury Kanner, president of the RJC, said in a statement. 

In addition to the exhibition in the Moscow Manege, an online version of the project appeared on the Net at: exhibition.spasiteli.com

In January of 2019, Spasiteli was hosted by the Museum of Moscow; then, in January 2020, it moved to the Yekaterinburg-based Yeltsin Center. In both of the cities, it was a major event of the Memory Week, featuring memorial and educational events devoted to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a memorable date that is honored all over the world on January 27, the day the Red Army liberated the Auschwitz death camp.

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